Our E-Claims Offering: Keeping it simple and secured

Working as your extended HR arm, we will help you by providing the following E-Claims Services for both Employee Benefits and Expense claims:

To help you to keep the administration process simple, we will enable your employees to submit their claims via a secured web-based E-Claims Portal.

  • Compliance with a 100% verification process of all claims according to your company's polices
  • Improves cost control with individual tracking of each employee's entitlement and balances
  • Better employees claims management with online views of details and balances
  • Simplifies doctor visits with 'Cashless' visits to Ezyhealth Panel of Doctors
  • Reduces complexity with a user friendly system
  • Improves communications via On-Line Benefits Information page

Flexing your Benefits with us

In PanFlex, we understand that your employees may have different lifestyles needs; therefore we offer a Flexible Benefits system that your employees will find more valuable.

Benefits of our Flexible solutions:

  • Flexibility to help you meet each employee's benefit needs
  • Customizable secured web based system to adhere to your company's designs and colours and business rules
  • Provide a Current Benefits page reflecting employee's total benefits coverage
  • Design reports to meet your required templates

As part of our Flex offerings, our Services also include:

  • Preparing the system yearly for Benefits Enrolment
  • Working with Pan Resources on the Underwriting issues
  • Providing E-Claims Services for Flexible Spending Account and other Employee Benefit Claims

In addition to our system's capabilities, PAN will provide the following additional services without additional cost:

  • Maintaining your Employee's Database including Additions & Terminations
    • Creating new hire accounts and providing a termination utilization report
  • Answering Employee's queries directly on Benefits Scheme, coverage, claims status etc.
  • Conduct an on-site employee presentation to
    • Introduce the Flex Benefit scheme
    • Educate the employees on how the system works
  • Provide 24/7 Helpline for any queries
  • Populate an On-Line Benefits Information page

As each business need is unique and different, our personal approach in understanding your requirements, combined with our experience makes us an ideal partner in your integrated Human Resource plan.

PanFlex works very closely with Pan Resources to provide One Stop Solution to employees for the Employee Benefits provided by our clients. Pan Group forms an extension arm of HR and interacts with employees directly with regards to all queries administered by PAN Group.

Improving Service Level and controlling your cost

Our E-Leave helps you by taking away the time consuming task of leave administration so that your HR team can be redeployed to other projects and further improve your efficiency in servicing your staff.

Our E-Leave solution is a service offering based on a flexible tool and a self-service gateway named PANBenefits. No hardware or software investment is needed and you don't have to worry about any installation or system maintenance cost as well. The only costs incurred are the monthly admin fees.

Some benefits of the offerings are:

  • Flexible Modular-based system to meet your company's leave policies
  • Creating accounts for new hires and providing terminated employee's utilization reports
  • Improved tracking of Employee's documents by PanFlex; with document reminders to employees
  • Ability to upload documents by employees for Manager's or HR view
  • Ease of leave application for employees - thru PANBenefits portal
  • Enhanced Leave Management for Supervisors - full overview of leave entitlement and status of team members, report generation - thru PANBenefits portal
  • Simplified Leave processing - approvals/rejection via email or through PANBenefits
  • Provides HR Access to view all employee's leave entitlement, details and reports
  • Monthly reports provided to track government's M&P leave reimbursements
  • Some Optional Services available - Auto Approvals for taken leave and calendar view of colleagues leave details

PanFlex Pte Ltd:

The Benefit Management Experts, specialize in offering state-of-the-art Benefit Administration and enrolment tools and services.

For more information on our services, please drop us an email at or call Andrea at 63099922 to arrange a sharing session and system demo.

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