Empower Employees

Transform your current healthcare spending into a benefits and wellness program where your employees choose their own path to good health

CXA Group - Asia’s first Employee Benefits, Flex & Wellness Marketplace

Flex and Wellness

Without spending more CXA’s award-winning platform makes life easy for HR


Control healthcare costs and improve ROI using data analytics


Employees personalize benefits to their health needs and life stage with CXA Flex

Simplify Administration

Take the pain out of benefits administration – for you and your employees


Shift healthcare spending from treatment to prevention

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Save Money

  • Design tailored, cost-effective benefits by leveraging utilization data from our network of insurers and providers
  • Obtain competitively-priced group & voluntary insurance with best in class customer support through CXA Brokerage
  • Gain control over rising healthcare costs by giving employees a fixed budget to personalize their benefits
  • Ensure your benefits are industry-competitive using CXA benchmarking data

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Empower Employees

  • Employees choose the most suitable coverage from CXA’s insurance and wellness marketplace
  • CXA’s recommendation engine helps employees and dependents make their selections based on their health profile, lifestyle and life stage
  • Employees repurpose their benefits dollars to products and services in CXA’s Wellness Shop

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Simplify Administration

  • Our one-stop platform consolidates your insurers, hospitals, GPs, specialists, health screening, and wellness providers
  • Use CXA’s platform to easily manage your self-funded and flex claims 
  • Employees enjoy paperless & cashless access to wellness products and services through CXA’s Wellness Shop, with no need to claim against FSA
  • Simplify annual enrolment and track claims electronically via the CXA mobile app or portal
  • Reduce workload from piecemeal queries by educating your employees on your benefits and wellness program through video and online communications
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Improve Health

  • Design more effective wellness programs using analyses of your employees’ health risk assessments, health screening results and claims
  • Drive personal responsibility and healthier behavior through the creative use of entitlements, deductibles and co-payments
  • Reward employees for health outcomes and participation in wellness activities
  • Reduce medical claims and absenteeism with targeted interventions driven by robust cohort analyses
  • Improve your employees’ health and get reductions on future premiums using CXA’s Health Score